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About Us

Vision: To be a reliable source of strategic advice and information on MENA

MECS has been serving the public and private sectors at local and international levels since the year 2000. We are comprised of a dynamic research team whose expertise on the Middle East and North Africa is second to none. The team at MECS has professional level understanding of the social, political and historical factors that interact to create the unique societal structure of the MENA region. Equally, the consultants here have personal, native experience of the culture and political structure and speak the languages of the region. This enables us to maintain our firm grasp on events affecting MENA.


MECS has also forged close relationships with established and influential personnel and partners in the region, making diverse and international work possible. This also enables the team to collate up-to-date, breaking news and information directly from those in the region.


We have a strict code of ethics that governs our professional integrity, allowing and enabling objectivity, diligence and pride in the work we conduct and the reports we produce. It is this that has allowed MECS to continue to uphold its high standards as a company, earning it a strong reputation, nationally and internationally.


 Our promise to you is to maintain an approachable friendly manner, while producing work of the highest quality that is specific and relevant to your needs.



The primary objective of MECS is to provide informed, impartial and balanced research and analysis to enhance the quality of decisions made at senior levels of the public and private sectors, nationally and internationally.


Our core business objective is to provide strategic and practical advice, research, analysis, linguistic and educational services to stakeholders inside and outside the Middle East.


Our goal is to build and maintain a customer-orientated approach, ensuring the client's specific requirements are met within an agreed, realistic and satisfactory timeframe.


We aim to ensure that our database is up to date with relevant primary and secondary research to enhance the accuracy, reliability and validity of our reports.

Over the years, MECS has built long-lasting relationships with leading UK law firms, the UK Home Office, and with a high number of prestigious international clients, including the Belgian Interior Ministry, the Dutch IND, UNHCR, and Australian, Dutch and Swedish solicitors.



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