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Oriental Architecture


At MECS we have expertise in the following countries: Afghanistan; Algeria; Bahrain; Egypt; Iran; Iraq; the IKR; Israel; Jordan; Kuwait; Lebanon; Libya; Morocco; Oman; the Palestinian Territories; Qatar; Saudi Arabia; Syria; Tunisia; Turkey; the United Arab Emirates; Yemen.

The reports that we produce can be split into the following categories: Country Expert ReportsCorporate Reports; Security Updates.

Country Expert Reports


MECS provides high-quality Country Expert Reports for the MENA region. These reports may be used throughout the international justice system. We conduct regular reports that cover the following areas:

Country Profiles - at MECS we produce country profiles for asylum reports including issues such as the security situation, the current political climate, and both social and economic phenomena.

Communities - including majority and minority groups within each country.

Diversity, Social Cohesion, and Integration- including the position of refugees and IDPs in the country of focus.

Economy and Finance - including issues of employment, poverty, and corruption.

Families and Social Issues - including forced marriage, tribal feuds, marginalised groups, and the influence of particular individuals and groups.

Ethno-Sectarian Violence - including both country-wide and localised phenomena.

Health and Social Security - including the availability and cost of healthcare, issues for persons with disabilities, mental healthcare, and issues of stigma.

Human Rights and the Rule of Law - including issues of nationality, legal persecution of minority groups, torture and other ill-treatment, detention conditions, extra-judicial executions, and the legal and actual punishment for certain crimes.

For further information on the reports that we produce for asylum cases please visit our “Information for Legal Firms” page.

Corporate Reports  


When deciding to invest in the MENA region, you need objective business intelligence to enable you to take an informed decision. MECS’ corporate reports and assessments provide precision and clarity to ensure sound investment. Here, we cover a wide spectrum of needs including:

Strategic Intelligence

Security Intelligence

Political Risk

Integrity and Due Diligence

Market Research

Media Monitoring


For further information on the reports that we produce for businesses and individuals interested in opportunities for investment in the MENA region please visit our "Risk and Strategic Consultancy" page

Security Reports


At MECS we produce quarterly country-specific security reports. In order to learn more about this service please email:


MECS also has a blog which includes articles addressing political, economic, and cultural developments in the MENA region.


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