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Old City Jerusalem

Risk and Strategic Consultancy


MECS offers a range of services for businesses and individuals interested in investing in the MENA region. Our bespoke reports offer expertise in the following areas: 


Strategic Risk Intelligence 

  • Identifying regional agents of influence 

  • Outlining practices of corruption in the country or region of investigation 

  • Providing issues of government action (e.g. impact of sanctions and government policy)

Country Risk Mapping 

  • Tracking terrorist and insurgent activity 

  • Monitoring civil unrest; war; political violence; abduction; crime; wrongful detention

  • Identifying safe locations for business opportunities and investment 

  • Travel advice for businesses, women travellers, LGBT+ individuals, and members of marginalised communities/at risk profiles


Due Diligence

  • Investigating businesses or individuals in the MENA region 


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NEW FEATURE: Annual Country Risk Reports on the MENA region.

MECS' new Country Risk Reports provide a detailed analysis of economic, political, and security risks in the country of focus. Each report analyses established and emerging trends in MENA for businesses and individuals interested in investing in the region.


If you would like to learn more about this service or request a report for a country not provided, please email:


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