Meet The Team

Dr Rebwar Fatah PhD


Rebwar is a MENA specialist and has been working as an expert witness since 2000 focusing on issues across the Middle East and North Africa region, in addition to Iran and Afghanistan. Rebwar speaks Kurdish Sorani (native), Arabic, Farsi,and Dari, with a working knowledge of Pashto. He is also familiar with different Kurdish and Arabic dialects. 

Since 2000, Rebwar has produced over 2000 expert reports, which have been commissioned for and cited in a number of immigration appeals, as well as family and criminal cases.  

Rebwar has represented MECS in conferences and meetings at various institutions (universities, human rights bodies, research organisations, parliamentary groups at the UK House of Commons and the Finnish parliament) across the world on matters related to the Middle East and North Africa. He is a regular contributor to Voice of America, TVC News, Al Jazeera, and BBC News. 

Kate Hashemi MA

Operations Manager & MENA Researcher 

Kate joined the team in 2017. She holds an MA in Iranian studies from SOAS University of London and is the lead Iran researcher at MECS. Kate has particular expertise in gender-based issues and forced migration in the region and has Farsi (Persian) language skills. 

Kate has published papers on human rights violations in Iran and the rights of women. She has represented MECS at a number of academic conferences on the MENA region. 

Jason Pereira MA

Research Consultant

Jason joined the team in 2017. He holds an MA in War Studies and specialises in security here at MECS.


Jason has French language skills. 

Nour Shamseldin MA

Research Consultant

Nour specialises in human rights violations and is currently working on MECS' corporate reporting.


Nour holds a Master’s degree in International Relations from Leiden University with a specialisation in Culture and Politics. Prior to her joining MECS in 2018, Nour worked for over a year in Lebanon as a research assistant in various institutions, including the American University of Beirut, Foreign Policy Magazine, and the Financial Times.

Nour has a native command of Arabic.

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