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The Middle East Consultancy Services provides expertise on the MENA region for public and private organisations


Lebanon         (02) 

Kuwait           (01)

Yemen           (01)

Morocco       (01) 

Libya            (01)

Saudi Arabia (01)

Jordan          (01)

In 2021, MECS produced the following reports:

Iraq            (143)

Syria           (13)


Iran             (10)

Egypt          (10)


Afghanistan  (07)

Palestine      (05)

Turkey         (05)

Algeria       (04)

Home Office CPIN Review - Iran

In December 2019, MECS reviewed the Home Office's CPIN on Christians and Christian Converts in Iran. 

Click here to view the report. 

Publication of Research Report with the International Organisation for Migration - Iraq

In September 2019, MECS published a joint paper with Middlesex University and the Brighton Business School for the IOM - Iraq. The paper, titled "Migrants with insecure work: the role of ethnic solidarity networks".

Follow this link to view the paper.