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This report addresses the history of the stateless Bidoon community in Kuwait and their current situation. It sets out detailed information regarding the origin of the Bidoon and their access to rights including education, healthcare, and employment. The report distinguishes between documented and undocumented Bidoon and provides the legal documents available to them. Moreover, it also outlines the efforts made by the Kuwaiti government to resolve the Bidoon issue. 


The report is 38 pages long and inclues the following chapters: 


1. Glossary and Acronyms 

2. Introduction

3. Overview of the Kuwaiti Bidoon 

4. A Recent History of the Bidoon 

5. Legality and Nationality

6. Legal Documents 

7. Impact of Documentation on Women

8. Undocumented Bidoon and their Rights

9. Human Rights Violations in Kuwait

10. Considerations for Refugee Status 

11.Bidoom Oganisations in Kuwait

12. The Situation of the Bidoon Since 2000 

13. Conclusion

The Situation of the Kuwaiti Bidoon | Autumn 2019

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